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Asset Manager

A platform that allows a user to consolidate their crypto holdings and provides portfolio management.


An irreversible software ledger that groups transactions in blocks and allows a network of nodes to validate the transactions.

Centralised Networks

A network controlled by a single entity or source of truth.


A digital currency that has been issued on a native blockchain.


A digital currency enabled by cryptography.


The secure communications techniques that allow only the sender and the intended recipient of a message to view its contents.

Crypto Native Enterprises

Organisations whose main business stems from providing services and products to the crypto ecosystem and manage their whole financial activity using stablecoins.

Decentralised Networks

Networks that are governed by independent nodes so that no one or group of nodes can influence the outcome of a transaction.


A computer server connected to the blockchain that meets certain minimum specifications in terms of processing power and security protocols.

Stable Coin

A cryptocurrency that is designed to minimise the volatility of its value.


A digital currency that has been issued on another entity’s blockchain.

Utility Coin

A coin that is created or minted with the purpose to be utilised in a commercial use case or business model and does not promise an interest rate, dividend or equity share of an entity.

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