This program has now finished

We’re excited to launch our Unido EP community beta-testing and we can’t wait to hear your app feedback. Here are the steps you need to complete to qualify for the daily staking reward of 0.35% wUDO, calculated on UDO balances, equating to an APY of over 127%! 

  1. Sign up for Unido EP here: and complete the registration steps, including downloading the new version of the mobile app. 

  2. Create a UDO wallet on the app and add UDO to your wallet. You can add any amount you like. 

  3. Complete 100 points of social sharing tasks via the Rewards Challenge platform. Register for the Rewards Challenge here. Tip: bookmark this page on your browser. 

  4. Complete your Unido EP app review here. 

Rules & Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. You must open a UDO wallet in Unido EP and store UDO in your Unido EP web wallet. This alone earns you a daily staking reward of 0.25%, paid in wUDO, calculated on minimum balances on a given day. 

  2. Eligibility for the bonus 0.1% daily staking wUDO reward is open to anyone who signs up to Unido EP and completes the Rewards Challenge tasks during the beta-testing phase which closes 11.59 GMT April 21, 2022. 

  3. You must register for the Rewards Challenge using the same email address you use when you sign up to Unido EP, so we can confirm you've met all of the criteria. 

  4. You must register above to do the social tasks in the Rewards Challenge and do them via the rewards platform or they won't count towards your bonus staking rewards. 

  5. The app feedback/review must be sent via our feedback form or it won't count. Please use the same email address you used to sign up to Unido EP so we can confirm you've met the criteria. Your bonus staking rewards will be applied from the time you put UDO in your wallet. 

  6. Every step must be followed exactly (eg. ensure you use the same email you use to sign up to the app or we may not be able to match your activity to your app ID) 

  7. Users must only open one Unido EP account and have a UDO wallet in the account for the purposes of the challenge. 

  8. For multi-member UDO wallets, daily rewards will be calculated on the given wallet value and then split equally between all wallet members. For example, if 5 people are members of the same wallet that has 10k UDO, we will reward 10k @ 0.25% and then divide the reward value of 2,500 UDO between all 5 wallet members.

  9. All wUDO staking rewards will be airdropped into a wUDO wallet to eligible participants at the same time after April 20, 2022. Note: The wUDO wallet will be created by Unido and will appear in your account on conclusion of the beta testing program.

  10. No matter what chain you have your UDO on, all UDO deposits are eligible for wUDO rewards. Your rewards will be in your wUDO BSC wallet in the Unido app

  11. Extra Bonus: Users who provide testimonials we use in our publicity and marketing will earn an additional 1000 UDO. 

  12. If a user attempts to game the system, they will be deemed ineligible. Eg. If a user creates more than one Unido account and claims the APY for more than one account. 

  13. Chance plays no part in this challenge. You simply need to follow all of the required steps to be eligible. 

  14. Unido reserves the right to update, clarify and alter the eligibility criteria at any point during the beta-testing phase. We will only do so if something is unclear.  

  15. By signing up for the Rewards Challenge you agree to receive marketing information from Unido. You can unsubscribe at any time. We do not disclose your personal details to third parties. 

  16. If you have further questions, please ask them in our Telegram group here.