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Meet the Unido core team

We want to introduce the driving force behind Unido. Our team is composed of industry veterans with decades of combined experience in information technology, sales and marketing, commercial strategy, and technical development. We are proud to have assembled such a talented group of professionals who share our vision and passion for advancing the blockchain industry.

Chris Weddle - Director and Founder

Founder of PAC and Unido, Chris's career spans over 22 years in information technology, with exposure across data centre operations, digital transformation projects, managing software implementation projects and advising corporations on their strategic digital pathway. With a focus on new and emerging technologies, in 2017 Chris founded PAC Blockchain – an advisory business setup to commercialize blockchain technology. This ultimately led to the invention, patent and development of Unido

Ben Hunter - Chief Marketing Officer

Ben has been instrumental in the creation and guidance of global start-ups for over 10 years. A highly focused and experienced professional with extensive experience in sales and marketing strategies at Director level, his strong strategic planning and ability to adapt to markets fostering strong business relationships has seen companies under his ward grow from early stage to listing or global footprint.

Michael Swan - Chief Commercial Officer

Michael has spent the last decade working for bulge bracket investment banks; most recently as a Vice President in the Executive Office of Goldman Sachs, and prior to that in Technical Investment Services at Macquarie Bank, on their multi-asset class custodial Wrap platform. Michael has deep knowledge of the institutional banking sector, the evolution of banking products and the commercial decision-making process of financial institutions.

Clint Coombs - Chief Technical Officer

Clint joins has over 20 years of Technology and Financial Services experience. During the course of his career, Clint spent 15 years building innovative solutions for international banking giants such as Macquarie & Standard Chartered Bank. He has built an impressive track record of shaping product strategy, building high potential teams across different continents and successfully executing technology build-outs in the enterprise software domain. He is a highly driven and result focused CTO with a proven architecture, design, and project execution background.

Wider Team

At Unido, we are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated team of professionals who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to our business.

Our core team members have been introduced on this page, but we would be remiss not to recognize the contributions of our wider team of web developers, software engineers, cyber security experts, UI/UX designer, marketing and community management specialists, content creator, project manager, visual designer, system administrator, and administrator.

Their skills and dedication are essential to the daily operations of Unido, and we are grateful for their hard work and commitment to our success.

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