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The Unido Foundation

PAC Blockchain is the company behind Unido Wallet. Established in 2012, PAC is an end-to-end professional services company for software and application development, project management and technical consultation with a specific focus on blockchain technology.

In 2017, we saw that blockchain technology would be revolutionary for many different use cases and throughout the course of consultative projects to the industry it became evident that:

  • Businesses entering the cryptocurrency market were concerned about the safety and security of their crypto assets

  • The currently available wallets were geeky and not easy to use

  • There was no broadly applicable, portable governance model for crypto assets.

This is why we have built Unido.

The Unido Foundation is independent from PAC blockchain and is a not for profit membership organization.

As the governing entity, the Unido Foundation has been established to issue and govern UDO tokens and to coordinate the future direction of the Unido Ecosystem.

The Foundation will establish the specifications and protocols to be adopted and developed. The Foundation will also govern the UDO Treasury and Reserve and will initially select projects to be supported by the Ecosystem Development Fund program.

In the early period of the Unido Ecosystem, there are additional roles that need to be performed by the Foundation:

  • Design and implementation of marketing programs to build awareness of the Unido Ecosystem

  • Design of rewards systems and marketing to buyers and consumers

  • Technical maintenance of the network

  • Unido network management:

    • Define the process for managing the protocol specification source control repository

    • Define the process for managing the core implementation of the Unido platform, including the process for reviewing and accepting changes to the implementation

    • Release and distribute the Unido software, and support nodes as needed in the installation and maintenance of the software

    • Coordinate security reviews and put products through rigorous security testing

    • Engage with development teams to foster and solicit contributions to the Unido Ecosystem

    • Explore permission-less blockchain technologies and recommend paths for transition to such technology

The Unido Foundation plans to achieve increased decentralization over time. This is important, as it will reduce the reliance of any part of the network on key stakeholders. Ultimate decentralization will also ensure easier access for developers and validators to participate in the network and this should improve the ecosystem’s resilience over the long term.

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