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Token Economics

This section describes the function and role of the Unido token (UDO) in the ecosystem and its interaction with participants in the network.

The ecosystem is designed to have an ever-increasing number of supported distributed apps running on the core infrastructure to create constant ever-increasing utility for the UDO token. The ecosystem already has a running head start with applications in the form of Unido Enterprise Platform ready for deployment. However, the long-term objective is to grow the developer community and a subsequent number of applications utilizing Unido Core.

The UDO token will be implemented with a robust smart contract structure supporting community governance for the fee structure, further project development and other constructs that correlate to the intrinsic value of the network.

At its heart, the UDO token is a utility token designed to allow access to the ecosystem of products for developers, institutions, and end-users of the applications. Minting and distribution of UDO will be administered by the Foundation which has the objective of continuously expanding the user base and token utility over time.

Once the platform is fully developed, the initial use cases for the UDO token will be as follows:

  1. Network Access Licence: access to Unido Enterprise Platform and the underlying technology, Unido Core, will only be accessible with the UDO token.

  2. Consumption Fees: both Unido Enterprise Platform and 3rd party dApps built on top of Unido Core will charged a consumption fee based on volume of usage.

  3. Liquidity Mining: a portion of the UDO token will be unlocked through liquidity mining

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