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Unido Crypto Visa/Mastercard Card Program

The Unido Crypto Debit Card Program is scheduled to launch in August 2023.

The information on this page is pre-launch information only. It is indicative of the offer but is subject to change prior to product launch. Check back here regularly for updates.

About the cards

Unido cards can be used with millions of merchants
- hold $UDO and receive loyalty discounts!


  • Virtual Visa/Mastercard pre-paid cards are issued with balance in $USD

  • Physical cards will be available later this year

  • Virtual cards have no KYC requirements – just load with crypto, and start using!

  • Zero transaction fees! (except for foreign currency purchases)*

  • Can be issued to anyone, anywhere and can used anywhere that normally accepts virtual debit cards

Virtual Card Features

🎫 Visa available for use within USA only / Mastercard available for use globally

πŸͺ USA Visa Card supports Google / Apple Pay

πŸ’΅ $10,000 limit (USA Visa Card) / $1,000 limit (Global Mastercard)

♻️ Non-Refillable

πŸ’Έ Add funds using BTC/ETH/USDT or other crypto

Unido Virtual Visa/Mastercard Fees:

Card setup fee: $3.50 / load fee 3.75%

UDO Loyalty Club:
Card setup fee: $2.50 / load fee 2.75%

Note, cards are one-time use and not reloadable, however, you can buy as many cards as you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to add to mobile wallets?

    • These cards can currently only be added to mobile wallets (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay) if they are registered with an active USA/Canadian mobile telephone number.
      In order to add the card to a mobile wallet, it will be necessary to verify the phone number either by SMS or via a phone call, depending on the type of card and issuing bank.

  • Where don’t these cards work?

    • These prepaid virtual debit cards do NOT have 3D Secure (like 2FA for card transactions) and, therefore, they will not be useable if the merchant/platform requires 3DS.

      Visa, Mastercard or the issuing banks may choose to restrict their services in specific countries, regions or even for specific merchants. This is entirely at their discretion.

      Merchants and PSPs may choose to not accept prepaid virtual debit cards. This is out of our control.

  • Where do these cards work?

    • These crypto-funded prepaid virtual debit cards can be used anywhere Visa/Mastercard virtual prepaid cards are accepted, at least in the issued native currency, either using the card number, expiry and CVC code or with touch and pay (contactless/NFC) POS terminals when added to mobile wallets.

  • Can I convert funds back into crypto?

    • No. By swapping your crypto to fiat balance on a prepaid virtual card, you have effectively sold/off-ramped said digital assets.

  • Which regions are these cards available to?

    • These virtual prepaid debit cards are not available to OFAC sanctioned countries or countries that are not permitted by the issuing banks and/or Visa/Mastercard.

* Cards are issued with spendable USD - if you purchase in a currency other than USD a 2.5% fee will apply and is charged to the card balance.
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