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Unido Roadmap


Identified the crypto custodial problem

  • Developed Multipac – multisig ether wallet, which evolved into Unido - enabling multisig type functionality for any blockchain


  • Unido pilot completed – Unido Wallet

  • International Patent Lodged


  • Unido Enterprise Platform development commenced

  • Raised equity capital


  • Unido EP pilot program

  • Start-up banks and custodial services

  • Released Business Whitepaper


  • UNIDO Token Generation Event

  • Building the global Unido social media community

  • Launched Liquidity Mining and Staking Program

  • Unido development ongoing:

    • added Unido support for Tezos, Tron

    • first DeFi dashboard pilot with Moonstake Integration

    • developed Polkadot Substrate Testnet

    • pilot with first Unido Insto Client

  • Token bridge and UDO availability on BSC

  • First Unido Launch - Phase 1: Beta Testing

    • Corporate partners beta testing Unido EP

    • Completed Unido EP Security Audit - successfully passed by Certik

February 2022

  • Product Launch Phase 2: Unido Community Launch

    • Unido EP available to community members (tick)

    • Unido in-wallet reward program announcement (tick)

March 2022

  • Product Launch Phase 3: UDO Payment / Burn

    • Unido in-wallet reward program for community members (tick)

    • First $UDO burn event (tick)

April - June 2022

  • Product Launch Phase 4: Global Launch

    • Unido available to users outside of community (tick)

      • Global marketing campaign launch (tick)

July - Dec 2022

  • Marketing and Growth

    • Commence global marketing campaign across social media, conferences and events and networks / partnerships promoting Unido (tick)

    • Goal - user base expanding beyond current Unido community (tick)

  • Unido EP payment plans

    • First new Unido EP trial subscription plans to be introduced Q4 '22, followed by tiered plans. (tick)

  • Product Development

    • Major up and coming releases during this period include in-app asset swaps, web 3 / wallet connect, additional coin types and a UDO<>Fiat on-ramp. (tick)


  • Unido in-wallet staking program (tick)

  • New product developments:

    • Development of the “business management portal”.

    • Integrated accounting tools

    • In-app decentralized asset swaps

    • Fee/payments plans

  • Launch Unido EP across target markets in Asia, Australia, US, Europe, Middle East.

  • Grow partnerships and market reach to become the enterprise wallet of choice for Individuals and SMEs.

2024 & 2025

  • Ramp up our marketing and thought leadership to establish Unido EP as a leader in the blockchain fintech industry.

  • Launch Unido’s Enteprise and Institutional Alliance.

  • Launch the Unido DAO

  • Launch Unido Core API

  • Launch new product: Unido Insto - an appliance version of Unido aimed at large business, banks and funds.

  • Large-scale Unido EP integration with international institutions expanding our reach across global markets

  • Hyper-scaling Unido Core to large enterprises

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