Unido Wallet is fully developed– deployed to the app stores as a consumer wallet.
Unido Enterprise Web Platform is already in pilot selected beta testers and will be released shortly.


Identified the crypto custodial problem

Developed Multipac – multisig ether wallet, which evolved into Unido - enabling multisig type functionality for any blockchain


Unido pilot completed – Unido Wallet

International Patent Lodged


Unido Enterprise Platform development commenced

Raised equity capital


Unido EP pilot program

Start-up banks and custodial services

Released Business Whitepaper


Unido Foundation undertakes the UNIDO Token Generation Event

Building global communities

Liquidity Mining and Staking Program

Support for Tezos

Partnerships and Collaborators

Moonstake Integration

Support for Tron

Polkadot Substrate Testnet

Unido Wallet Upgrades

Secured 1st Unido Insto Client

Tokenbridges and UDO availability on BSC

December 2021
and January 2022

  • Unido Product Launch Phase 1: Beta Testing (tick)

    • Our corporate partners are currently beta testing Unido EP

  • Unido EP Security Audit (tick)

February 2022

  • Product Launch Phase 2: Unido Community Launch (tick)

    • Unido EP available to community members (tick)

    • Unido in-wallet reward program announcement (tick)

March 2022

  • Product Launch Phase 3: UDO Payment / Burn

    • Unido in-wallet reward program for community members (tick)

    • First $UDO burn event (tick)

April - June 2022

  • Product Launch Phase 4: Global Launch

    • Unido available to users outside of community

    • Global marketing campaign

    • Unido app payment plans


  • Unido in-wallet staking program - staking contract (Beta)

  • Launch and roll out Unido EP across target markets in Asia, Australia, US, Europe, Middle East.

  • Roll out new enterprise features to the Unido EP wallet, such as a business management portal, access to Binance Smart Chain and Tron tokens (we already support Tron itself), cross-chain asset swaps, and a Defi hub.  

  • Grow our partnerships and market reach to become the enterprise wallet of choice for SMEs.

  • Ramp up our marketing and thought leadership to establish Unido EP as a leader in the blockchain fintech industry.

  • Launch Unido’s Enteprise and Institutional Alliance.

  • Launch the Unido DAO

  • Launch Unido’s Core API


  • Large-scale Unido EP integration with international institutions expanding our reach across global markets

  • Introduce Polkadot tokens and framework

  • Hyper-scaling Unido Core to large enterprises