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Unido Treasury

The Unido Treasury acts as a payment processor to convert USDC/USDT and other supported stable coins into UDO, providing a seamless experience for enterprise users.

The Unido Treasury will facilitate the automated licensing, consumption, and usage of UDO for enterprise users and developers. It enables the seamless purchase of access licenses and payment of consumption fees by converting USDC/USDT into UDO tokens. This means that enterprises don’t have to deal with buying UDO directly from exchanges, shielding users from price volatility or lack of liquidity that may hinder the user experience, enabling them to purchase tokens in a seamless and secure manner.

Treasury balances will be dynamically adjusted to provide sufficient liquidity based on the number of users who have purchased the Access Licence via the lock-up of UDO tokens. This ensures that the Treasury retains a sufficient amount of UDO tokens to provide liquidity to the existing client base without over-purchasing UDO from the open market.

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