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Unido (UDO) Token

UDO is a utility token of Unido running at the heart of Unido’s ecosystem. It is designed to allow access to the ecosystem of products for developers, institutions, and end-users of the applications. Minting and distribution of UDO will be administered by the Unido Foundation which has the objective of continuously expanding the user base and token utility over time.

It is designed to be highly flexible, enabling it to be utilized for a variety of new products that are expected to be built on top of Unido Core.

  1. Platform Access: UDO must be staked on a /user and /enterprise basis to secure access licences to the Unido ecosystem — this involves Unido’s first product — the Enterprise Platform, Unido Core and 3rd party dApps that will be developed on Unido Core. The bigger the enterprise, the more access licenses will be needed to be purchased and more UDO is locked up.

  2. Consumption Fees: Transactions taking place on Unido will charge a small fee in UDO based on a FIAT value e.g. if monthly volume of transactions equates to $100/month, the equivalent will be paid to the Unido Treasury using UDO, however the price will be dynamic and adjusted based on market supply and demand.

  3. Governance: The Ecosystem Development Fund designed to subsidize 3rd party projects building using Unido Core, will be governed by a DAO whose users must stake UDO to participate in the election process and vote on proposals.

  4. Liquidity Mining: a portion of the UDO token will be unlocked through liquidity mining

The UDO token is implemented with a robust smart contract structure supporting community governance for the fees structure, further project development, and other constructs that correlate to the intrinsic value of the network.

Here are the exchanges where you can buy $UDO token directly:


  2. Uniswap

  3. PancakeSwap

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