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About UDO Token

What is $UDO?

UDO is the utility token at the heart of the Unido Ecosystem that functions as the payment system for using the Unido product range. UDO also powers the ecosystem, providing access to Unido dApps, rewarding participants, and granting voting rights.

UDO is issued and governed by the Unido Foundation.

Why should I buy UDO? 

UDO is a utility token at the center of the Unido Ecosystem that functions as the payment system for using the Unido product range. It is an essential utility that powers the entire platform, whether you’re a large size organization, small business or individual looking to enter crypto / DeFi markets — UDO is the connective glue of the Unido protocol.

✅ Awesome token economics (read more about UDO economics in our whitepaper here)

✅ Earn $$$ on yield farming now - The Unido Liquidity Mining Program

Circulating Supply 

As at 5 March 2024, the circulating supply of UDO is 97,620,916.

Where can I buy UDO? 

The current options for purchasing UDO token, are as follows:

What is wUDO? 

WUDO is “wrapped UDO” - a version of the UDO Token available on Binance Smart Chain. You can convert UDO <> WUDO using AllianceBridge. Find out more on our how-to page here.

Currently, there is a $wUDO/$USDC pair for trading on PancakeSwap, and the offical wUDO BSC Contract Address is: 0x70802af0ba10dd5bb33276b5b37574b6451db3d9.

Is UDO secure?

The Unido contract has been audited by Certik - see the report results here:

Are UDO Tokens available on Binance Smart Chain? 

Yes. You can purchase tokens on BSC with our wUDO/USDC pair here.

Can I stake UDO?

Not currently, but this may change in the near future.  

How to participate in Unido Liquidity Mining Program? 

You can participate in Unido’s Liquidity Mining Program by following the steps of our ULM tutorial here.

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