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Accelerating the Growth of Unido Ecosystem

With Unido Core’s potential to scale rapidly across a plethora of enterprise applications via Unido Core API, mechanisms will be created to attract 3rd party developers to use the platform and drive the growth of Unido across various enterprise applications.

Several mechanisms will be used to democratize this community and support future growth:

  1. Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF): The purpose of the EDF is to support the development of the Unido Ecosystem. The EDF will be comprised of two components:

    1. Unido Treasury: Payment process to enable users to seamlessly purchase UDO token for ecosystem access (see Unido Treasury)

    2. Development Fund: subsidizing 3rd party developers and qualifying projects looking to build via the Unido Core API.

  2. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): The DAO will be responsible for governing the deployment of resources from the Ecosystem Development Fund.

  3. UDO Token: UDO will power the ecosystem, providing access to Unido dApps, rewarding participants, and granting voting rights.


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