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Unido for Individuals and SME's

It’s worth mentioning that there are a plethora of use cases beyond crypto banking and asset management:

Individuals, and those in partnerships
– where there is no real solution for the continuity of crypto assets:

  • What happens if your partner leaves you, and takes the crypto with them?

  • What happens if you die? How will your family access your crypto?

Small and Medium Sized Businesses
– where managing crypto is currently problematic:

  • Centralized custodial solutions may be inaccessible or unaffordable for this segment

  • Existing crypto assets methods have potential flaws and/or a poor user experience

  • Decentralised finance is difficult to access

  • Need tailored business workflows / governance solution with good security

Enterprise blockchain applications

For example, across supply chains or hospitality - are already being developed but can only succeed when participating enterprises can find a feasible way integrate the technology into their existing systems whilst satisfying the rigorous demands for security, flexible governance, compliance and ease of use.

Unido solves these problems by providing an enterprise grade platform with DeFi and crypto banking management tools for all market segments.

The solution is cheaper than the alternatives, is generating traction, and is scaling up globally.

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