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Unido Roadmap and Utility

Token Utility Overview    

$UDO the is the native token of the Unido Platform.

Users can leverage $UDO within the platform for a range of in-app services, enhancing their overall experience.

As the retail version of Unido EP nears large scale roll-out, the focus is on endowing the token with in-app utility encouraging new users to buy, hold and use $UDO. Here’s list of the utility which is either in place now, or will be released throughout 2024:

  • $UDO Staking Program: The platform offers a robust $UDO staking program, allowing users to stake their tokens and earn rewards. Stakers contribute to the network's functionality while enjoying additional incentives. Find out more about our staking program here. 

  • Payment for Services: Dex Swaps / Exchange Swaps: $UDO serves as a primary medium for conducting decentralized and exchange swaps within the platform. Users can seamlessly buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in-app, and the fees for these transactions will be paid in $UDO and /or will require users to have a sufficient staked quantity of $UDO.

  • Buying Crypto in-app: Unido users can also conveniently purchase cryptocurrencies directly from Unido via Transak. Learn how to buy crypto from fiat in-app here. Fees for these transactions can optionally be paid or offset in $UDO.

  • Payment Services and Crypto Debit Card Programs (coming soon): Holders of $UDO enjoy reduced fees when utilizing payment services programs offered by the platform. The Crypto Debit Card program provides a convenient way for users to spend their $UDO holdings by offering reduced card load fees. 

  • Enterprise Platform License (coming soon): Enterprises can acquire platform licenses using $UDO, unlocking a suite of advanced features and services. The platform license facilitates enhanced capabilities for businesses, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship between the ecosystem and enterprise users. 

  • Transaction and Subscription Costs: see below “market segments” for details.

Product Rollout and Market Segments

Unido offers a plan for every market segment, from retail customers through to crypto native businesses pursuing high volume automated transactions:

Note: “plans for individuals” - apply post-trial and only when using MPC functionality.


Product rollout is in stages, and by market segment:

Stage 1: Individuals (Fulgo partnership, direct marketing, emphasis on markets where crypto is in high demand, such as Africa).

Stage 2: SMBs: On the back of a new suite of business orientated tools, Unido will pursue the SMB sector where there is global demand for an all-in-one, self custody MPC solution.

Stage 3: Enterprise and Institutions in 2025, following traction in the first 2 market segments.

Unido Roadmap


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