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Unido Staking Plan #4 (USP4)

This Staking Plan is no longer active

This USP is a limited time plan which provides benefits to Unido Investors and Community members:
šŸŽ Rewards on staked $UDO
šŸ†“ Free access to all Unido features and zero transaction fees

Here are the steps you need to follow to use all the features in Unido EP and qualify for the daily staking reward of 0.09% wUDO, calculated on UDO (or wUDO) balances, equating to an APY of over 25%! 

  1. This program will commence on Monday, 17 October 2022 and will conclude on 17 December 2022.

  2. If you havenā€™t already, sign up for Unido EP here: and complete the registration steps, including downloading the mobile app.

  3. Create a UDO wallet on the Unido app and add UDO/wUDO to your wallet that you wish to stake. Read here on how to acquire UDO.

  4. Add a minimum balance of 5k UDO/wUDO in your staking wallet. The more you stake, the more you make!*

  5. The program may renewed for another term at the option of Unido. If the program is to be extended, notification of the extension will be provided on this page.

  6. Users who donā€™t stake but wish to use the app will need to subscribe to the monthly starter plan which has a min. monthly cost. The app fees for this plan may be paid in any cryptocurrency type supported by Unido however any funds received drive the burn and recycle mechanic (ie. market buy of $UDO which is then put through the burn & recycle process). Note that users who are not on a fee plan or staking plan will not be able to transact using Unido.

Rules & Eligibility Criteria

  • The rewards will be payable on a minimum balance of 5k UDO/wUDO held on average for the duration of the program.

  • *The maximum amount of UDO/wUDO that will be paid out is 22,500 UDO per user per month of staking, irrespective of how much UDO/wUDO is staked. For example, if you stake 1m UDO tokens for 2 months, the reward is 45k wUDO.

  • The limit total daily reward payable to a given user is capped at 0.09%.

  • Users must only open one Unido EP account and have the minimum UDO/wUDO wallet in the account to participate in this USP. 

  • For multi-member UDO wallets, daily rewards will be calculated on the given wallet value and then split equally between all wallet members.

  • All staking rewards are paid in wUDO will be airdropped into a wUDO wallet to eligible participants as a lump sum within 7 days of the end of the USP.

  • To ensure the rewards distribution is fair, reward participants must not create multiple accounts for themselves. If a user is deemed not to be following these rules, they may be excluded from receiving rewards at the sole discretion of Unido.

  • Unido reserves the right to update, clarify and alter the eligibility criteria at any point during the rewards period. Notification of any changes will be provided on this page.

  • By participating in the program, you agree to receive marketing information from Unido. You can unsubscribe at any time. Unido will not disclose your personal details to third parties. 

  • If you have questions about USP4, please ask them in our Telegram or Discord groups.

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