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Use Cases

The application of this construct is broad and applies to many distributed apps in finance including alternative cryptocurrency wallets, decentralized financial networks, and lending services. Unido Core can also be applied outside of direct financial transactions to any rapidly developing area in the blockchain arena. For example:

  • Managing your synthetic assets of derivatives which are the highest growing segment within the DeFi space and opens up potential partnership opportunities with UMA or Synthetix;

  • Certifying data onto the blockchain as part of financial transactions, such as a node or oracle on a decentralized finance network is underserved for the enterprise-level clients - enterprise-level access to oracles that provide essential data points for smart contracts is a key value proposition towards enterprise clients and users of blockchain architectures like Chainlink, Band Protocol or Waves;

  • Signing off on the movement of goods on a supply chain ledger can advance the expansion of project aiming at this segment, like VeChain;

  • Accounting for company records which are to be made available via the blockchain;

  • Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the current modes of patient data access, accumulation, contribution, exchange, and control - using interoperability standards, smart contracts, and cryptographic identities, patients can securely exchange data with providers and regulate access - but in need of a better key management solution to enable usage by medical institutions.

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