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Utility #1: Platform Access

Access to the Unido Enterprise Platform and any other applications built on top of Unido Core will only be accessible through Unido Tokens. This fee structure will be broken down into the following segments

Access Licence

  • UDO must be provided to the Unido Network in exchange for an annual license or platform fee.

  • Every Enterprise user who wants to access Unido products (such as the Enterprise Platform) and Developer or Enterprise who wishes to utilize Unido Core API to develop dApps needs to hold UDO tokens. Without UDO tokens, the Core API will reject connections. This is similar to a license key model which enables you access to both the ecosystem and run applications within it.

  • The wallet storing UDO is your identity, the password is the private key and the license fee paid is exchanged for an active API key. The key can then be used to access the Unido ecosystem including Unido Core API and Unido Enterprise Platform.

  • When a license is acquired, UDO tokens are taken out of circulation and locked into a smart contract until the license expires, at which point it needs to be renewed. The initial length of lock-up will be 6 months however the Foundation may revise this policy at a later date.

  • The price of service access will be based on a FIAT index amount set from time to time by the Foundation and the number of tokens needed will vary depending on the price of the token at the time of use. As the Unido network grows and the number of users increases, it is reasonable to expect that the total number of tokens needed to access Unido services may change based on the value of tokens and the number in circulation.

  • By fixing the license value needed to access the platform pegged to a FIAT price, it may be possible for a user to only hold one UDO or a fraction of a UDO as the price may fluctuate in comparison to FIAT. The set usage price will be variable and adjusted to market supply and demand.

  • Enterprises will be able to obtain an annual license to access the Unido Enterprise Platform. The enterprise license fees will be determined on the basis of (1) Number of users (2) Volume of Usage for the target client. The specific pricing strategy may be determined by each individual application in use by the enterprise and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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